Which countries live in total peace in the world?

Which countries live in total peace in the world?

In the twentieth century wars and conflicts have made at least 108 million casualties. The Latin America's wars which lasted about 74 years resulted in around 1 million human losses, 3 hundred thousand of whom were military combatants, and 7 hundred thousand were civilians. The World War I was the goriest wars with approximately 37 million civilian and military losses.

These are all sad facts to read. "This peace is not the absence of anything. Real peace is the presence of something beautiful…". These words of serenity from the ambassador of peace Prem Rawat reveals the magnificence of life in a harmonious society, where citizens are contended with the joy of living with the simple things in life.

Somalia, South Sudan, Yemen, and Iraq are among the least peaceful countries in the world according to the Global Peace Index (GPI) in 2019.Anyway, in which countries can people live in total serenity?

Our picks of the top 5 most peaceful countries in the world


Denmark ranks fifth as the safest and nonviolent country in the world. Like New Zealand, it is famous for being a less corrupt country, with a corruption and bribery rate at 15.88 percent. Its capital city is Copenhagen. Serious criminal threats are rare; tourists can safely explore the city.However, precautions need to be taken in the most vibrant places.


Austria holds the fourth rank as a peaceful nation with a GPI at 1,291. This country has a low crime rate at 19.30 percent. It is known for its low level of armed robberies and assaults. Despite being a safe country, tourists are advised to take safety measures during their visit and avoid crowded places where pickpockets and purse snatchers thrive.


Portugal's GPI is at 1,274, a little bit higher than that of New Zealand. Due to the government's privatization of former state-run firms, Portugal has a service-based mixed economy. Basically, Portugal has a very low crime rate. For example, murder rate is around 0.6 per 100,000 population. This low crime rate has made the country among the top tourist spots in Europe.

New Zealand

New Zealand ranked the second most peaceful nation in the world, with a GPI at 1,221. It is among the least corrupt country in the world, which is a major factor in reducing crime rates and injustice. Located in the South Pacific Ocean, at 1,200 miles in the East of Australia, New Zealand's economy is based on the exportation. The major exports are dairy products, eggs and honey. Yet, it also exports other products like meat, wood and computers.

Iceland, the most peaceful nation

With a GPI at 1,072 in 2019, Iceland has topped the list as the most peaceful country in the world. Iceland is an island between North America and Europe. Its capital city, Reykjavik, which is translated into "smoky bay", is among the most picturesque cities in the world, with its green landscape despite there are no trees, and clean environment.

Iceland's landscape is an illustration of Prem Rawat's peace message, highlighting the importance of serenity rather than material things to promote peace. The reason for Iceland's safety is somehow linked to its geographical location and a small population number if compared to the size of the island. Crime is almost unheard of; therefore, there are very few armed officers in Iceland.